Friday, March 7, 2008

Ode To Sweet Tea

When I recently looked back on my nonsensical poems from high school, I attempted to write a new one in the same irreverent style...

"Ode To Sweet Tea"

Oh, sweet tea,
How I love thee,
Even when ye,
Make me pee.

Tequila is vicious,
Milk, delicious,
Motor oil, viscous,
Greeks throw discus,

But the only one I wish to see,
Is the one I love with certainty,
My best friend ever,
(It's true, indeed,)
Ice-cold, refreshing,
Sweet, sweet tea.


I was working on some lyrics a while back. In addition to the meter not working at all, I found most of the lines annoying, depressing, and pretentious. Now, I find them kind of a Sylvia Plath kind of way...


There's pictures in my head,
Of mistakes I have made,
Memories of a perfect life,
And the years I threw way.

I'll get drunk tonight,
Dream of things I know ain't real,
I'll pretend that I'm in love,
While lonely laughs at how I feel.

I wish this place would just burn down,
I wouldn't even try for the door,
I'd wrap myself in all these blankets,
While fire licks whiskey up off the floor.

I string together good days,
But the stitching never holds,
The needle digs inside of me,
Makes me shiver like the cold,

I bury my head in useless hands,
Staring down in an empty cup,
It takes all I've got to try to breath,
And nothing to give up.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Morning Surf

I tried turning one of my old short stories into free verse. It didn't come out like I'd hoped, but I still like the sentiment:

"Morning Surf"

The sun climbs high,
On water-kissed shoulders,

As brown hands dip,
Into the dawn.

There's no better waking,
Than in a tumbling tunnel of breaking glass.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A few haiku.

Frankenstein monster,
Nuts, bolts...the fundamentals.
What a thinking cap!

We have our iPods,
And these opposable thumbs,
But are still beastly.

Ketchup and noodles,
Twenty minutes on the stove,
Ghetto spaghetti.

Enough haiku, dude.
Give it a rest, already.
You're not that clever.